04 March 2015

Energy Efficient Heat

Given the harsh winter most of us have experienced, comfort in the home has become a high priority. In many states, the temperature has dropped to zero level or below.

In ice-cold weather, home furnaces are running at maximum output. While the warmth they provide is pleasant, the dry air that comes with it is not. Many homeowners experience dry skin, nosebleeds and other maladies in the winter in their own homes.

Because of the push towards energy efficiency, a new type of furnace, called the two-stage furnace, is available that alleviates some of these problems. It has the added benefit of significantly reducing heating bills for homeowners who live in colder climates. Many HVAC manufacturers are now offering this type of furnace, including the Trane comfort specialist.

How And Why The Two-Stage Furnace Works

An ordinary furnace heats up to the heat level set on the thermostat, and then cycles off until the air cools down to a set level. The furnace runs up to a single heat setting all day long, unless the thermostat is adjusted.

The two-stage furnace provides two stages of heat instead of one. When temperatures are lower, the burner runs at high capacity to warm up the home quickly. As the temperature in the home climbs gradually in the daytime, the burner responds by running at a lower capacity. This lower setting tends to alleviate the problems of dry air and discomfort that are usually associated with the ordinary furnace in the wintertime.

The two stage furnace can provide heat that is both warm and comfortable for today's homeowners.
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