07 April 2015

Beating the Heat During the Summer

Heat can be very problematic aside from the discomfort you'll feel. It can prevent you from having a good night's rest, increase your stress levels and even affect your career. To beat the heat, you need to keep your AC running in prime condition. What can you do to make sure it's operating as efficient as possible?


Filters are one of the most important aspects of the cooling system. If this is clogged, the AC unit will not be able to pull air in. Whether you have central air or a window-based unit, this filter needs to be regularly maintained. Depending on the system you have, it may be a matter of washing it off. However, most systems use a disposable filter that is very easy to replace.

Proper Maintenance

Keeping your AC clean of debris can prevent it from having problems. Should something happen, it may be more cost efficient to find a Pittsburgh AC repair specialist in order to keep the unit operational. There are many components within this appliance, and you should never try to fix it yourself without proper training.

Thermal Barrier Paint Additives

By painting your home with thermal barrier paint additives, you can maximize the effect of your AC unit. This compound is designed to reflect heat keeping the temperature of your home lower. It also doubles as insulation during the winter by keeping the heat inside the house.

Don't underestimate how much of an impact your comfort can make on family and professional lifestyles. Without proper sleep, your capacity to make rational decisions could be affected. Do what you can to keep your air conditioning in prime condition, and contact a professional today.
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