10 April 2015

The Breakfast Club

I really could not be a food blogger. This experience was sooo last year!

Situated on a quiet road in Quezon City, The Breakfast Club provided a peaceful ambience for enjoying a delicious breakfast. The interior of the place was simple yet elegant.

That morning, I had blood work done and was on a fast. My tummy growled in anticipation of the food.

My hubby ordered this beef tapa which was quite sweet.

For our youngest child, this pair of pancakes. No, the coffee was mine, for props. They served her milk in the end. Hubby took a bite of the Hungarian sausage and I ate the rest. It's a bit pricey because of the sausage.

I loved this very cheesy omelette!

I also like that they serve lemon water, and that the staff were friendly.
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