30 April 2015

Tips For Protecting The Home During Vacation

Crimes against the home are among the most common crimes that occur in the United States. In fact, one home robbery occurs every 14.6 seconds according to statistics listed by the Washington Post. Thieves gain entry for burglary by going through the garage, windows and the front door. Many accidents occur while the family of victims is on vacation. Burglars find out that the family is away using a number strategies, and then they hit while the homeowners are out of the area. The following are some tips that homeowners can use to avoid a burglary or robbery while they are away on vacation:

Alert the Neighbors

One thing that homeowners can do to provide themselves with additional protection is notify the neighbor that they will be going on vacation. A trusted neighbor can keep an eye out for the home and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Most burglaries are successful because members of the neighborhood are unaware that the family is away.

Leave the Light and Television On

Leaving the lights and the television on is a trick that may help deter criminals. A would-be burglar will most likely not try his or her luck entering a home that has the television or lights on. Instead, the burglar will search for a property that looks less challenging. The electric bill may jump for the week of the vacation, but the home may be safe because of it.

Hire a House Sitter

Professional house sitters are people who make a living watching other people’s homes when they are on vacation. They usually have reasonable rates. A house sitter may be willing to perform a background check so that potential clients will not feel nervous about leaving their homes open to someone new.

Invest in Home Monitoring

Finally, a family can invest in home alarm monitoring. Sometimes, a reliable security system is the only option that makes sense. A homeowner can invest less than $10 a month and secure a reliable security system that keeps the home protected at all times. Many companies offer five-star service with a contract, but some companies provide the same quality without asking the consumer to sign a contract. Alarm Relay is an example of a company that provides home security services at an affordable price.

Families no longer have to worry about getting robbed while they are trying to enjoy themselves. Any of the aforementioned actions will help.
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