05 May 2015

Get your Cold Layers on this summer!

It IS still summer right? Just the other day, huge drops of rain fell from the clouds, and caused the heated pavement to sizzle, I'm sure. Even with the typhoon forecast, the sun unabashedly shone super bright, casting sharp shadows everywhere. We still have an excuse to indulge on cold and sweet food.

That's what I did one evening. I went to Cold Layers in Fisher Mall and paid 120Php for this summer treat.

It is a cup of Horlicks flavored ice ribbons. Horlicks sounded familiar, but I really cannot remember drinking that malted milk drink. Can you?

It's amazing how the flavored ice could be so light, so fluffy yet so creamy. The flavor wasn't that bold or strong, though.

It was a bit messy to eat as the ice separated easily, sending the Horlicks powder on top crumbling down.

I was glad it had chocolate syrup or else it would be too boring.

It made for a filling dessert!

There were other enticing flavors too. Plus, Cold Layers serves rice meals and pasta.

Would you give this a try? 
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