15 August 2008

The shortness of life

If you found out you have terminal cancer, how would you react?

Would you go into depression, and say, "All I have done before were for naught."?

Would you spend all your savings on a last trip around the world?

He chose to come back to work after his operation. He tried to regain what was spent on his illness. Then he was on chemotherapy where his paid leaves and his family's money were exhausted. People at the company raised a fund for him. But today, the Lord chose to take him home, where his sufferings would end. I do hope he goes to heaven. He was only 25 years old. I haven't met him personally, but the knowledge of a colleague passing away made me feel sadness. And he was part of our cluster, too.

I know it's cliche, but our lives could suddenly end. Are we satisfied with how we are living it? Are there things that we could do today, which we prefer to accomplish tomorrow? Would it be too late then? Are there people you should thank? Are you joyful? Or would you be happy when you win the lottery, get promoted, or bought a new house?

They say, "Respect the dead." I say, "What's the use of that, when you did not respect them while they were alive?"
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