27 February 2010

What's your favorite color of shoes?


Yesterday evening, my younger brother accompanied me in attending the Preview of The Red Shoes, an event where Nuffnang Philippines invited bloggers like me. We fell in line, I signed up then we proceeded to get our share of free hot dogs on sticks, Mister Donuts Smidgets, popcorn and soda. There was even a goodie bag for us with the press kit, a notebook with a matching pen, a body spray and some brochures. The movie was just starting when we entered the cinema.

The movie utilized many flashbacks so viewers could make out the pattern of the story and the reasons for the ordeals of the characters. The casting was good as the personalities of each character were portrayed quite well. In my opinion, the storyline was quite unique from the usual local movies. It revolves around shoes and the characters' preferences for their colors, or lack of it. It happened during a historical time in the country, so to be realistic and I thought this was sort of a glimpse into the life of a fellow Filipino. I know that there are many people out there with much stories to tell that they could make a movie out of. There were moments that made me go "Awww, so cheesy!" "Oh, no!" Why did he do that? and "Ahhh, I see!". Overall, it was an enjoyable movie, light and with an unexpected ending.

There was a forum afterward where there was a question and answer portion as the writer and director got feedback from the viewers, and also answered questions regarding the movie and its inspiration.

To answer the question, I guess I don't really have a favorite color of shoes. It depends on what I wear and if it goes well with my outfit. I'd like to say purple, but I never had purple shoes, and if I am wearing red, I don't think they'd go well together.
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