31 July 2012

Nuvia Coffee

I really don't ask much from my coffee. I am mostly satisfied with instant coffee. Imagining myself at the dining table, sipping coffee, eating a slice of chocolate cake and writing a poem is part of my daydream. So, when I became pregnant last 2010 and last year, I felt so deprived because I have to cut off coffee from my diet. At present, I am breastfeeding my third child, therefore I have to watch my caffeine intake although it's alright to have coffee if you know how much caffeine you're taking in and you have a full-term baby. I like to try other types of coffee preparations and other flavors. In short, I am quite adventurous with my coffee, just don't put hot sauce!

I was excited to try Nuvia Cafe when it arrived. I cannot help but compare it to the popular brand of instant coffee that we usually buy. Adjectives that came to my mind while I sip my cup of Nuvia Healthy Coffee with brown sugar, creamer and sometimes with chocolate-flavored powder are:

  • aromatic
  • strong
  • rich
  • flavorful
I can still savor the yummy flavor of coffee even though I mixed in chocolate powder. I like that it was not overpowered. I would definitely buy this in place of our existing instant coffee. I'll update you on where and how to purchase Nuvia coffee.

For more testimonials, please head to Nuvia Cafe's channel.

Edit: For purchases, go to their website www.nuviacafe.com. I forgot to tell you that I was sent a box for free to try.
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