27 May 2013

My Favorite Summer Experience

The Legend of the Seas

My favorite summer experience would without a doubt be
The Royal Caribbean Cruise with the family
Where we had more food than our tummies can hold
With activities and shows for guests young and old
Went down and visited Malaysia's Batu Cave, saw Petronas Towers
Rode elephants in Thailand, toured some places within a few hours
Bye to the Legend of the Seas, hello again to Singapore
Took photos with the Merlion, then a little shopping galore
One item on my bucket list was crossed out
An unforgettable summer experience no doubt

I have learned that I should always bring extra shirts and face towels for each of us during the land tours. The places that we visited were hot and humid like the summer weather in our country. Having drinking water at hand is very important, too. I also made sure that I have an umbrella in my bag, waterproof jackets if it would suddenly rain, and insect repellent patches. It helps to know the itinerary beforehand so I made sure to pack comfy shoes. You know what kind of shoes would be perfect for traveling? Native shoes! They are lightweight, comfortable, odor resistant and antimicrobial. Some designs are waterproof, washable and even shock absorbant. I wish to win GC's from Native Shoes for our next travel adventure!

The very recent lightning, thunder and raining episodes signal the end of our hot summer days. Soon, we would say hello to the teachers and classmates of our children. We would also say hi to muddy streets and increased traffic jams come wet season. I certainly hope the government and everyone who is concerned have prepared the Philippines for the onset of typhoons and floods. Surely, there were lessons learned from the past experiences? Anyway, Native shoes would be perfect for the rainy season as well! Actually, we could use Native shoes all year round.

But, I expect to go on more family trips out of town before my eldest's classes start. I certainly would appreciate the comfort of wearing Native shoes, especially as a mom to an active preschooler and two energetic toddlers.

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