27 August 2014

Creative Market Graphics, Fonts and More!

Part of having a blog is the fun of being able to design the look yourself. If you are a frustrated designer like me, this is your chance! I enjoy putting together fonts for the header and sidebar headers, the background colors or the background image and graphics to represent my categories or my blog elsewhere.

There's a wonderful website I go to for new and cool fonts, unique backgrounds and lovely graphics. Every week, there are three products that are available for free download on the site. There's also a bonus of three more on their Facebook page. Isn't it cool?

Even if you cannot download the ones you really need for free, the prices are very reasonable. You can mix and match the elements and create brand new designs.

For example, if you're having a DIY wedding, this set is perfect for the invitations or save-the-date cards, or even a wedding blog:

Click on the image below to see what Creative Market has to offer.

Disclosure: I'm a partner of Creative Market.

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